Born in India, Whispering Yarns is all set to take wings to scale the globe. Our products are designed for the contemporary and the modern with a touch of traditional craftsmanship.

our story

Why the name Whispering Yarns

Natural fibres, nurtured by the mother earth, lulled and patted by the wind, kissed by the sun grow into healthy saplings under the loving hands of the farmers. The spinners, dyers and weavers turn them into fabrics with their magic fingers until our tailors prepare them finally to be embraced by you as the most comfortable and elegant fits, whispering into your ears of their wonderful journey, these whispering yarns.

Ours bring to you the culture and craftsmanship of our past civilization, evolving continuously in the beautiful diversity of India to meet the aspirations of our young and old together each one unique in its story.

All about our fabrics and Craftsmanship

Wy is a fledgeling, hard-coded genetically to churn out products of quality, be it of fabrics, designs, cuts, look or feel. Created by imbibing traditional Indian techniques like handcrafted Ajrak, Batik, Kalamkari, Dabu, Ikat weave, Baghru and many more on natural fabrics from different parts of India.,

we are poised to lead by our passion to provide you lasting fashion choices, you always dreamt about.

Proud of our land’s rich traditional art and craft, we try and bring to you the handwork from different parts of the country.

You can pick styles in phulkari, kantha, gota work, kutch mirror work, Kashmiri, dabka, satin stitch, chain stitch and the list is endless.

The inspirations

Our Inspiration comes from the very basic, from understanding he beautiful diversity we see in people around the world, their choices, styles, their builds, their walk, their ways to find happiness and joy, how they dress up to represent who they are …and there is a treasure enticing us deeper and deeper into their world of aspirations, goading us on to design what’s visible and what’s beyond these beautiful people.


God is in details and if you have an eye for it, you will be delighted with the fabrics we use, the cuts, the fits and the detailing of each garment. We pay special attention to the details like pockets, the buttons, the fabric under the hem, the fabric inside the pockets, the small motif at the back and those lace trims, you can find beauty in each design created in our workshop.

Our Design

Our garments are designed for comfort, with styles that last, defining your inner self. Styled from natural and breathable fabrics, our styles and silhouettes are proud to be very Indian at heart.
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