Beautifully Cracked Submissive. Writings about my entire life as being a spouse, a submissive.

Beautifully Cracked Submissive. Writings about my entire life as being a spouse, a submissive.

a Pagan, a mom, a child, a enthusiast, a pupil, an educator, a fighter and a peacemaker. Blessed

A Poem About Pain…

?When it hurts, I wish to run

But there’s nowhere to get.

Therefore i’d just take the blade as much as my epidermis…

And cut it slow and nice. Now that we have finally discovered

Simple tips to be just who i am,

The blood no further flows

Like water thru a broken dam he taught me simple tips to remain true

Brave and high, i always stay my ground

He did this because there will likely be an occasion

When He is certainly not around. He explained that I need to maybe not break

I will be too strong, the mighty Cat

He showed me personally that I will endure

Without harming myself like this. If discomfort is required, it is given by him out

Because it’s their cross to keep

For once He’s gone, I must understand

During my heart, our bloodstream, He’s there…

The notion of A Collaring

I’ve read…and posted…a large amount of articles about collars. I’ve posted 1000s of photos of collars. Now, i’m even offering collars. It is thought by me’s just reasonable to talk about the meaning behind collars for a moment.

The majority of us know very well what each degree of collar represents in the community in terms of the D/s & M/s relationships go…but the meaning that is personal the concept of YOUR collar often gets lost into the interpretation. I’m sure many s-types while the basic concept of the “collar” means one thing dissimilar to every one. The concept is really broad and vast that sometimes perhaps the individuals inside a couple don’t even share precisely the same exact ideology about just what their collar need and will mean.

The answer to any relationship is available and communication that is honest. The life-style relationship isn’t any exclusion.

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